Music Education Packet

Between Fall 2018 and Fall 2019, pre-service teachers from the University of Hawai`i were involved in the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds project. The goal of this grassroots project is to deal with an issue that is critical to Hawaiian values – preserving nature and protecting Hawaiian birds, especially endangered species. The content of this project is delivered using a combination of music (western classical instruments) and native Hawaiian mele and hula. Twenty-seven music education majors visited 20 Title I, public and private schools to educate elementary and secondary students of O‘ahu through science, music, and art to teach about Hawaii’s native bird species and the importance of conservation efforts. They also used various woodwind, brass, string and percussion instruments, as well as body percussion, to imitate the sounds of the birds. Elementary children learned about instruments with varying tone colors and ranges from all four orchestral instrument families.

Music Education Package
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