Apply for Student Teaching


Step 1:


You need to complete 200 hours of field work (work with K-12 students in music setting)


You need to visit the school(s) where you intend to student teach. Please note that you cannot student teach with the same teacher/director where you went to high school. 


Provide three choices to your adviser (Band: Dr. Blackwell & Dr. Loong; Choral/General Music: Dr. Loong), discuss with them about the placement before making a final decision.


Step 2: 


Set up a meeting with OSAS advisers. Fill in the form when meeting with them.


How to apply - Student Teaching 

Due Dates: 

Fall, Sept. 15 (look for Student Teaching)

Spring: Feb. 15 (look for Student Teaching)


Step 3: 


Two weeks before the meeting with the OSAS adviser, e-mail Dr. Loong and ask her for a letter to verify that you have taken all of the required classes.


Step 4: 

Meet with the OSAS adviser.